Academics Overview


Angelus Academy’s academic goals are integrally related to our program of spiritual and character formation by virtue of being rooted in the classical ideals of truth, beauty and goodness.  In contrast to the corrosive relativism of the world around us,  we seek to instill in our young the conviction that there are true and lasting standards of excellence and authenticity in all areas of life–intellectual, moral, social, physical–which need to be embraced, promoted and exemplified in the lives of faithful Christians.

Because we believe that virtues and values are most appealing and best understood in particular instances rather than in the abstract, wherever possible, the curriculum focuses around the lives and witness of exemplary individuals as a method designed to elicit a deep personal involvement and commitment in our students.  This is the case not only  in teaching the Faith but in also in relation to the teaching of all academic subjects.   It is through formative relationships with the good, the great and the holy in every endeavor of life–in literature, in history, in the arts and sciences, in sports and in prayer–that character is formed.

“Angelus Academy is one of the best at preparing their students to enter our curriculum in bioethics and religion courses.”

– Richard P. Gildersleeve, Ph.D., Saint John Paul the Great Catholic High School


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